Can you find the best possible combinations of buildings and to score the best results?

MCS is a minimalistic game made under 72h for LudumDare 45. Theme: Start with nothing.

The rules are simple. You have 42 turns (build choices) after which the game will score the board and will show you the score. Post your results in the comments below! Let's find the best combination of buildings!

How to play:

  • Select a building from the list of available buildings
  • Read the description of every building and how it will score at the end
  • "A" means adjacent (orthogonal + diagonals), "R/C" means Row/Column bonuses apllied to the buildings in the row/column. 
  • Place it on the dirt spaces in the castle
  • You can click on "SCORE CITY" button to force score evaluation and to reset the board

LudumDare 45 entry:



Check the source at GitHub

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