Can you reach the top of the mountain for the fastest time possible?
Current best time is 02:11 minutes, can you beat it?

This game challenges the platformer in you and forces you to punish your keyboard keys as you rush for the mountain top.

It was made in under 100 hours and is a submission entry for the Extra Credits Game Jam #3, theme: Cycles.


A/D - Run
Space - Jump
LeftShift - Dash

We strongly recommend that you download the game on your PC to have the experience we intended for you.
(there can be input lag on the web version of the game)


We are 2 developers and we call ourselves Team Boe
Music by: Joe Reynolds, Johan Brodd, Zydro

Hope you have fun!

Install instructions

Unzip the game and try to beat it!


Journey_to_the_Top_WindowsBuild 31 MB


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I thought that this game has some redeeming values, but there's a lot that could be done much better. For one I found the controls to be really stiff, you do not want the player in a platform game to immediately get up to to speed (especially in a sonic styled one). Speaking of control, the controls are kind of awkward. Maybe change the dash button to double clicking instead of the shift button. Thirdly, the level design is all over the place and is almost always frustrating and punishing. The level doesn't feel like it was made with character in mind with there being way to many precision jumps, the difficulty is all over the place and there is a lack of telegraphing (my rule for difficulty is if you can't beat the level five times with out taking a hit, then its probably not going to possible for the player to do so), the materializing and dematerializing objects while cool looking are annoying to platform on, there are random floating rectangles that look like the can be jumped on but can't. I'd recommend drawing out a rough layout of your game on paper first and explain the inclusion of each of the sections. Lastly, the assets really don't mesh together well. I hope you'll make feedback into consideration, thank you.

Hey. Saw your comment on my entry and thought I would check out your game as well. I think the style is pretty nice and interesting looking, especially for a shorter project. As for the gameplay I have a some thoughts. The camera placement might make the game look more dynamic than a straight sideways camera would, unfortunately the angle of the camera also makes it much harder to judge distance for jumps and obstacles than a sideways camera would.  Another thing that would help is a drop shadow beneath the characters. Many if not most 3d platformers add a drop shadow artificially (regardless of where light is coming from) specifically to make it easier to position yourself in mid-air. Good work, hope you enjoyed the jam.

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Thank you very much for your feedback Toonhawk, i would like to keep the camera angle and try my best to make everything readable as it is, drop shadow is definitely something I've already noted, thank you again for dropping by ! :)